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What we do

Poline Search Partners is a nationally recognized search and advisory firm that serves the commercial real estate industry. Originally rooted in the shopping center industry, Poline now utilizes its well-honed skill set, streamlined processes and expansive database to effectively fill positions across the organizational chart from the manager level all the way to the C-Suite throughout a variety of industry sectors.

How we got here

Rich Poline opened the Atlanta office of Poline Associates in 1985 to establish an East Coast presence after his brother Bob initially launched the company in the late 1970s. After more than 35 years in the business, Rich has become a beloved fixture in the shopping center industry. During his tenure, he successfully placed over 1,300 candidates in every retail real estate discipline. Rich’s solid foundation of sales, marketing and management experience positioned him to connect companies and candidates effectively as well as to grow Poline Associates into a national leader in the industry.

Rich truly established the foundation from which Poline Search Partners will continue to grow. While inching ever closer to full retirement, today he spends his time with his wife traveling the world while still making sure he’s always available to be with his four granddaughters.

Why we are the best

Since 1979, our specialized approach has been the foundation of our recruitment success. By focusing on commercial real estate, we understand the specific needs of companies and the unique capabilities of candidates. Our time-honed process adds value for clients by minimizing the time, cost, and risk involved in hiring. We do this by seeking out the most qualified candidates—even the ones not currently looking for a job—and matching their profiles with the critical success factors companies need.

Poline’s expertise in drafting effective job descriptions, sourcing qualified and well-suited candidates, facilitating the interview process, checking references, expediting offer negotiations and candidate on-boarding ensures that the firm consistently delivers results in a timely manner, no matter the sector.

Who we serve

We serve most sectors of commercial real estate including retail, mixed-use, multi-family, office, industrial and self-storage. We work with owners, developers, retailers (both national and regional), as well as service providers including general contractors, law firms, and architecture and design groups. We diligently work to discover talent, develop teams and deliver results for the clients we serve.

Who we place

Our team recruits for positions from C-suite to the front lines. Known for its expertise and integrity, Poline places commercial real estate professionals in the following disciplines: leasing, property and asset management, development, construction, architecture and design, marketing, legal, accounting and finance.

Since 1979, we have placed over 2,100 people in the following roles across the country.

  • Asset and Property Management
  • Acquisitions / Dispositions
  • C-Suite
  • Development and Construction
  • Leasing
  • Legal / Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Retailer

Who we are

Poline Search Partners has a seasoned, expert team wholly committed to client satisfaction.

David Poline President and CEO

David Poline
David Poline LinkedIn Profile Link

David serves as President and CEO of Poline Search Partners and directs the overall strategy of the company as well as client relations. David actively manages the recruitment and placement process aligning companies with appropriate talent. He is recognized as a trusted partner in the shopping center industry with access to a broad network of retail real estate professionals.

Prior to joining Poline Associates in 2011, David was the first Real Estate Associate in the New York office of the international law firm Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP, where he represented developers, owners, retailers, and lenders in a wide variety of real estate transactions. Before law school, David served as a Real Estate Manager for The Sembler Company where he handled site selection for the company’s build-to-suit program before moving to the firm’s Atlanta office where he managed shopping center outparcel dispositions.

David holds a JD from Columbia University School of Law and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He currently serves on the boards of The Epstein School and Jewish Family & Career Services (JF&CS) and actively assists each organization in various fundraising initiatives. Outside the office, David enjoys running, hiking, downhill skiing and spending time his wife, two teenage daughters and his dog, Brewster.

Cary Beale Executive Recruiter

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Cary Beale LinkedIn Profile Link

As an executive recruiter, Cary is responsible for identifying qualified professionals, managing client relations, drafting job descriptions, sourcing well-suited candidates, facilitating the interview process, checking references, expediting offer negotiations and candidate on-boarding. Prior to joining Poline Search Partners, Beale was senior vice president at Franklin Street, where he hired over 35 brokers and salespeople during his tenure. Beale also spent a decade as vice president of leasing for the Atlanta office of DDR Corp. (now SITE Centers).

Cary attended Western Michigan University to study Business Management. Cary stays busy outside of the office with volunteering, playing poker and pickle-ball. He enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and three kids.

Sabrina Nunez Executive Assistant

Sabrina Nunez
Sabrina Nunez LinkedIn Profile Link

Sabrina serves as executive assistant and is responsible for supporting the day-to-day operations of the firm and maintaining the firm candidate database. Prior to serving as executive assistant to the president of Southern Restaurant Hospitality Group, LLC, Nunez was Rich Poline’s administrative assistant from 1997 through 2009.

Rich Poline Co-founder

headshots rich poline
Rich Poline LinkedIn Profile Link

Rich co-founded Poline Associates with the goal of helping shopping center companies identify talented individuals to help their firms grow and succeed. Poline Search Partners strives to embody this approach every day as it continues to be a top search partner in the commercial real estate industry.

The company we keep

Below are some of the commercial real estate industry leaders who trust Poline Search Partners with their talent needs.
We believe that the commercial real estate industry should reflect the myriad of consumers it serves and that the best results are delivered when decision making includes input from an array of professionals with different perspectives. We are committed to advancing Diversity & Inclusion in our industry by putting words into action and partnering with organizations such as Project REAP and ICSC.