Month: May 2020

Job Searching Techniques Shift Amid Pandemic

Job Search Techniques Shift Amid Pandemic

By David Poline

Job search techniques have shifted due to the pandemic. Networking, communicating, interviewing and onboarding all look different today. Consider how to navigate these new techniques to elevate your job search.

Is Relocation a Trend of the Past? Following the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Relocation: A Trend of the Past?

By David Poline

Willingness for relocation has always benefited job seekers as it significantly increases potential job opportunities, but will that change in a post-COVID-19 climate? I think not.

Maximize the Value of Your Resources When Job Searching

Maximize the Value of References

By David Poline

Maximize the value of your references to improve your job search. Vary your reference types to provide the hiring manager a rich view of what type of employee you are.

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