Month: September 2020

Hybrid Workplace: The Future of Office?

Introducing the Hybrid Workplace

By David Poline

It’s 2019. You’re a business owner, and you’ve been toying around with allowing your employees to work remotely one to two days per week. But you’ve got a lot of questions —Will they still be productive? Will our company culture remain intact? Is this option even something employees want? Fast forward to March 2020 and that decision has been made for you. Future of Office Space Due to COVID-19 and the forced, immediate adoption of…

WFH Fatigue: It's a Real Thing

WFH Fatigue: It’s a Real Thing

By David Poline

Little did we know in March that when we packed our office essentials and shifted to a home work environment, we would still be there in early September. Most of us were probably thinking we would work-from-home (WFH) for six to eight weeks max. Obviously, that’s not been the case. At the onset, I’ll admit I almost enjoyed the slower pace—not having multiple meetings in various locations daily, being on time for dinner with the…

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