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Millennials are known as job hoppers. Is it a negative?

Millennial Series: Experienced Job Hoppers?

By David Poline

This is the final blog in our 5-part Millennial Series focused on recruiting, retaining and promoting Millennial professionals. We’ve learned so far that Millennials seek purpose + innovation from a team-oriented employer who provides shared learning and professional development opportunities. In addition, they also gravitate to employers who promote a work-life balance by offering flexibility. One common assumption plaguing Millennials is that they are job hoppers, moving positions more than any other generation. This tendency…

Family-centric Millennials seek work-life balance, flexibility

Millennial Series: Work-Life Balance + Flexibility

By David Poline

Thus far, the blogs in our 5-part Millennial Series focused on best practices related to recruiting, retaining and promoting Millennials. We now know that Millennials are motivated by purposeful work + innovative environment and best perform for a team-oriented employer who invests in shared learning. They’re also big on professional development + leadership skills. Research shows that Millennials are family-centric, seek a work-life balance and assign a high value to flexibility. And believe it or…

Millennials in Professional Development

Millennials Series: Professional Development + Leadership

By David Poline

Millennials are the largest living generation and the fastest growing workforce segment, so you need to know how to attract and retain them. In this series, we’ve discussed how this generation seeks purpose + desires innovation in the workplace and is described as being team-oriented + driven by shared learning. Next up, we focus on how Millennials seek professional development to maximize leadership skills and growth potential. Engagement: Making Leaders Out of Millennials Want to…

Millennials are team-oriented and driven by shared learning, or mentoring.

Millennials Series: Team Work + Shared Learning

By David Poline

In the first blog of this Millennial series, we attempted to define the Millennials and investigated how this largest living generation and fastest growing workforce segment seek purpose and desire innovation. Next up is focusing on how Millennials are team-oriented and driven by shared learning. Team Work: One for All, All for One If you want to retain Millennials, the research suggests you offer team-based assignments. Millennials are “a true ‘no-person-left-behind’ generation”. This mentality goes…

Millennials Seek Purpose and Desire Innovation in Their Careers

Millennials Series: It’s Not All About the Benjamins

By David Poline

Millennials, those 83 million Americans born between 1982 – 2002 and ranging roughly from 17-37 years old, have been called many things, some characterizations not so flattering. But in a world where businesses compete for talent at every level, Millennials cannot be ignored. This blog is the first in a series of five posts, each focused on getting inside the mind of a prospective millennial hire or current colleague, so you can effectively recruit, retain…

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