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CRE Jobs in Demand Now

By David Poline

Poline Search Partners is seeing a bump in companies making strategic hires to maximize income produced by their existing portfolios.

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Looking for Talent? We Can Help

By David Poline

Poline Search Partners is a reliable resource for both companies and candidates. Here's a list of commercial real estate programs to review.

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Job Searching? Be Open-Minded.

By David Poline

When searching for a job, the best advice we can offer is to be open-minded. Easier said than done, I know, but you can be flexible while still being intentional in your search. Here’s how:   Prioritize what’s important. Priority Lists are going to look…

Job Searching During a Pandemic

Job Searching in a Pandemic: A Brave New World

By David Poline

Hiring and job searching practices have shifted since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet networking, resumes, interview preparation and LinkedIn engagement are still essential.

Resume Bullet Points, How to Improve

Tips for Improving Your Resume Bullet Points

By David Poline

Resume bullet points are important. Avoid only listing your job responsibilities. Instead, effectively convey your skills by using the structure provided in this blog.

Five Resume Formatting Pitfalls to Avoid

Five Resume Formatting Pitfalls to Avoid

By David Poline

Research shows recruiters spend just over seven seconds initially reading a resume, so you want yours to stand out – especially in today’s highly competitive job market.

Job Searching Techniques Shift Amid Pandemic

Job Search Techniques Shift Amid Pandemic

By David Poline

Job search techniques have shifted due to the pandemic. Networking, communicating, interviewing and onboarding all look different today. Consider how to navigate these new techniques to elevate your job search.

CRE Recruiters Offer Insight For Job Seekers During Pandemic

ICSC Webinar: Next Steps for Job Seekers

By David Poline

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented amount of uncertainty in today’s job market. Furloughed and laid-off development, leasing and marketing executives are polishing up resumes, dusting off deal sheets and updating their LinkedIn profiles.

How Job Seekers Can Stand Out In Today's Market

How Job Seekers Can Stand Out in Today’s Market

By David Poline

It is hard to believe that in early March we were experiencing one of tightest job markets in recent memory. In today’s market, however, the supply of good candidates is starting to outpace demand. With this in mind, here are four key actions to help job seekers stand out as attractive candidates.

How To Execute a Job Search While Sheltering in Place

How to Execute a Job Search While Sheltering in Place

By David Poline

How to execute a job search from home is a tough question to answer since the number of companies hiring right now is reduced, particularly within the shopping center industry. Our advice for job searching while sheltering in place is to build your network as much as you possibly can.

Update Your Deal Sheet If Recently Furloughed or Laid Off Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Tips on Creating a Stand-Out Deal Sheet

By David Poline

If you are unfortunately facing a furlough or layoff and are on the leasing or sales side of the commercial real estate business, consider the following FAQs to help you update your Deal Sheet: Q: Is a Deal Sheet necessary? A: YES! A Deal Sheet quantifies the kind of…

Update Your Resume for Job Search if Recently Furloughed or Laid Off Due to Pandemic

Job Searching? Update Your Resume

By David Poline

If you have been furloughed or laid off, what is the first thing you should do to position yourself for your next role? Our advice is to update your resume. Our team reviews hundreds of resumes a week. Here are a few tips to help…

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How to Win the Interview

By David Poline

Here’s a sneak peek into my “How to Win the Interview” presentation scheduled for 10:00 AM PT next Monday, May 21st at ICSC RECon in Las Vegas.

Ace that Interview and Prove the Company Needs You

Counteroffer Advice

By David Poline

Be prepared for a potential counteroffer from your current employer after you have given notice.

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Interview Preparation

By David Poline

Way to go - you landed the interview! Now, it’s critical to properly prepare. Here’s our advice...

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