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Ace that Interview and Prove the Company Needs You

Counteroffer Advice

By David Poline

A part of our job that most people don’t realize is to help you prepare for a potential counteroffer from your current employer after you have given notice. While counteroffers can be tempting, remember that you decided to change careers for specific reasons and have already invested significant time and effort in making this decision. Now is the time for resolve. Review our Resigning Gracefully post. Candidates who accept a position with a new company…

How to Negotiate Your Best Offer

By David Poline

Congratulations, you got an offer!  Except in most cases securing an offer is only half the battle. We can help you with the second half as well—negotiating the very best compensation package possible in a manner that leaves both sides satisfied with the outcome. In today’s competitive market, having a resource like Poline Associates can help you maximize the value of your offer.  We identify creative strategies and compensation package structures that best meet your…

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