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Why choose an exucutive recruiter

Why Use an Executive Recruiter?

By David Poline

People are the pulse of any company. Poline Associates enhances your search by ensuring you have access to the best professionals.

A group of diverse young individuals gather around a computer in an office setting.

Righting Employee Engagement

By David Poline

David Poline says workplace designation is hugely impactful to his recruiting efforts—to a degree that he could not have imagined.

Picture of man working on computer in his home

Hybrid Workforce: A Way Forward

By David Poline

In 2020, many professionals became remote workers for the first time whether they wanted to or not. Company leadership was forced to learn how to manage a remote workforce on the fly. And many feared what this unforeseen shift could mean for their firm’s bottom…

interviews company edition

Top Interview Do’s and Don’ts – Company Edition

By David Poline

DO’S Prepare Just as you expect your candidates to know something about you and your firm, it’s important to take the time to learn about the candidate you are interviewing. Starting with the cover letter and resume, review previous companies and titles, noting if there…

Attracting Young Talent David Stan

Attracting Young Talent to the CRE Industry

By David Poline

Check out my conversation with CRE Investor + Advisor Stan Sonenshine to consider the best way to attract a young, diverse and qualified CRE talent pool.

Recruiters' Role in Diversity & Inclusion

Recruiter Role in Diversity and Inclusion

By David Poline

Recruiters play an important role in ensuring diversity & inclusion in the commercial real estate industry, an industry that's long struggled with lack of diversity.

Job Searching Techniques Shift Amid Pandemic

Job Search Techniques Shift Amid Pandemic

By David Poline

Job search techniques have shifted due to the pandemic. Networking, communicating, interviewing and onboarding all look different today. Consider how to navigate these new techniques to elevate your job search.

Is Relocation a Trend of the Past? Following the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Relocation: A Trend of the Past?

By David Poline

Willingness for relocation has always benefited job seekers as it significantly increases potential job opportunities, but will that change in a post-COVID-19 climate? I think not.

Recruiters Offer Confidentiality to Their Job Candidates

Importance of Recruiter-Candidate Confidentiality

By David Poline

What steps does Poline Associates take to ensure confidentiality? Both Poline’s clients and candidates require confidential communications at times, but this post focuses on confidentiality concerns from the candidate's perspective.

Amidst a tight job market, companies struggle to easily identify good candidates and strategically build successful teams.

Where Are All the Good Candidates? How to Build a Team in a Tight Market

By David Poline

Editor’s Note: It is difficult to believe that this blog on the tight job market was posted March 18, 2020. Please read this blog as a historical marker, demonstrating just how quickly the U.S. job market has unraveled due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Amidst one…

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