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A group of diverse young individuals gather around a computer in an office setting.

Righting Employee Engagement

By David Poline

David Poline says workplace designation is hugely impactful to his recruiting efforts—to a degree that he could not have imagined.

Two women in an interview

CRE Jobs in Demand Now

By David Poline

Poline Search Partners is seeing a bump in companies making strategic hires to maximize income produced by their existing portfolios.

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Hybrid Workforce: A Way Forward

By David Poline

In 2020, many professionals became remote workers for the first time whether they wanted to or not. Company leadership was forced to learn how to manage a remote workforce on the fly. And many feared what this unforeseen shift could mean for their firm’s bottom…

interviews company edition

Top Interview Do’s and Don’ts – Company Edition

By David Poline

DO’S Prepare Just as you expect your candidates to know something about you and your firm, it’s important to take the time to learn about the candidate you are interviewing. Starting with the cover letter and resume, review previous companies and titles, noting if there…

Attracting Young Talent David Stan

Attracting Young Talent to the CRE Industry

By David Poline

Check out my conversation with CRE Investor + Advisor Stan Sonenshine to consider the best way to attract a young, diverse and qualified CRE talent pool.

Hybrid Workplace: The Future of Office?

Introducing the Hybrid Workplace

By David Poline

With the onset of COVID-19, many businesses were thrown into a remote work situation over night. Now, many consider a hybrid workplace for the future.

WFH Fatigue: It's a Real Thing

WFH Fatigue: It’s a Real Thing

By David Poline

As the global pandemic continues, professionals working in home offices are experiencing WFH fatigue as they attempt to balance work, home, children and financial anxiety.

Managing Expectations Is Key As We Work From Home

Managing Expectations as We Work from Home

By David Poline

So much of Poline & Associates’ business (and life in general) revolves around managing expectations. In fact, part of the value proposition in hiring a search firm is that the firm facilitates communication between a company and the candidates under consideration. When a hiring representative…

Employee Engagement = Retention + Leadership

Employee Engagement = Retention + Leadership

By David Poline

Our last blog focused on employee recognition and how it can improve retention, which we know from last year’s Millennial blog series is a major focus of many commercial real estate firms. Also tied closely to employee recognition is employee engagement. Data shows employers who…

Employee Recognition is important to build company culture.

Employee Recognition: It’s Important

By David Poline

Simply put, employee recognition improves company culture, thus improving recruitment and retention. And who doesn’t want that? Especially in a climate where “38% of millennials polled would like to see their company recognition program improved.” Commercial Real Estate firms, among others, are taking note and…

Gender Diversity in the CRE industry can impact a firm's bottom line

Gender Gains: Why CRE Needs to Prioritize Diversity

By David Poline

Greater Gender Diversity = Greater Profits Hot off the presses, Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) just released a white paper exploring women’s role and impact in the traditionally male-dominated field of commercial real estate. “Accelerating the Advancement of Women in Commercial Real Estate” is the…

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