Ace that Interview and Prove the Company Needs You

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Ace that Interview and Prove the Company Needs You

A part of our job that most people don’t realize is to help you prepare for a potential counteroffer from your current employer after you have given notice. While counteroffers can be tempting, remember that you decided to change careers for specific reasons and have already invested significant time and effort in making this decision. Now is the time for resolve.

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Candidates who accept a position with a new company but then accept a counteroffer typically regret their decision.  Keep in mind that our industry is small and close-knit—your reputation can be adversely affected by reneging on an accepted offer.

 Reasons why counteroffers work against you 

  • You are now viewed as a threat to company stability. If you share your knowledge of other companies’ salaries or benefits, you could undermine stability and employee confidence.
  • Counteroffers play to your emotions. Emotional pleas like, “You are incredibly valuable to our company,” do not change the reasons why you pursued and accepted a new career opportunity.
  • Accepting a counteroffer is insulting. If you must actually resign before your supervisor recognizes your value, is that really the best company for your future?
  • A counteroffer may not guarantee your position. If you’re offered more money, is your supervisor simply buying time to replace you with a new person at a lower cost, one whose loyalty is not in question?
  • The counteroffer may not be a true salary increase. Companies have salary guidelines which must be followed. Is the counteroffer essentially your next raise presented in advance?
  • Accepting a counteroffer may affect how you are perceived. Employers place a higher value on their most loyal employees. Will you now be overlooked for promotion or considered during layoffs?

Poline Associates helps you stand firm in your resolve for a new career. Be prepared to respond effectively to a counteroffer.