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blog strengths

Before embarking on the job search journey, invest time to identify your strengths and understand how they can guide your desired career path.

The Harrison Assessment requires only 20 minutes and $15, a small investment for your future.  Once the assessment is complete, you will receive a Greatest Strengths report within 24 hours.

This valuable report reveals your unique traits, behaviors and motivators which allows you and Poline Associates to pinpoint the best job opportunities that align with your strengths and career goals.   It also equips you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

A Greatest Strengths Report helps you:

  • Clearly communicate your unique value to potential employers
  • Boost the probability of landing your dream job by recognizing good career fits
  • Increase job satisfaction by highlighting your motivators that drive success
  • Forge stronger working relationships with your colleagues and superiors

Let us help you identify your strengths and seek a new career path now.