Recruiters Offer Confidentiality to Their Job Candidates

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Importance of Recruiter-Candidate Confidentiality

Recruiters Offer Confidentiality to Their Job Candidates

What steps does Poline Associates take to ensure confidentiality?

Both Poline’s clients and candidates require confidential communications at times, but this post focuses on confidentiality concerns from the candidate’s perspective.

One of the most important services a search firm provides a job seeker is the ability to learn about other opportunities that exist in the market while remaining secure in the knowledge their current employment will not be jeopardized.

The recruiter-candidate relationship is analogous to attorney-client privilege. A candidate is at liberty to share with our team the good, the bad and the ugly of his or her current role, but these conversations go no further than that.

In addition, any resume that is sent to Poline is held in strict confidence, which means it is only distributed with the candidate’s express authorization. And when Poline is given authority to submit a resume to Job A, it does not automatically give our team the ability to submit a resume for Job B.

We are only effective if we have the trust of the people we work with—that is and always will be our number one priority.