Job Searching Techniques Shift Amid Pandemic

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Job Search Techniques Shift Amid Pandemic

Job Searching Techniques Shift Amid Pandemic

Are you conducting a job search? You may be curious how this current environment is affecting recruiting and job searching.

A Smart Brief article examines how the pandemic has affected networking, communicating, interviewing and onboarding, offering tips on each topic.


Networking is certainly not happening in-person, but it seems to be flourishing on LinkedIn and other virtual platforms. One good suggestion—also applicable to interviewing—is to brush up on your video skills. You wouldn’t think that requires practice until you’ve actually seen yourself on a video chat.


It’s hard when a company to which you’ve applied for a position goes silent. But as companies prepare to start bringing their current employees back to the office, communication regarding new applicants may be slow to non-existent. Don’t be discouraged by this silence.


It’s important to apply many of the same principles of in-person interviewing to your participation in a virtual one. Making good eye contact is essential, but hard to do because your instinct is to look at the screen and not the camera. This requires practice, practice, practice.


Some of our clients are onboarding virtually, which can be challenging. Staying flexible and rolling with a new paradigm is key. One recruiter encourages job seekers to “showcase your accomplishments that demonstrate turning around challenging situations into profitable paths [and] highlight your experience working virtually to outline how you will assimilate into the organization faster.”

Although recruiting and job searching have been impacted by the current climate, they have not stopped. Practicing these new techniques will encourage momentum in your job search.