How Job Seekers Can Stand Out In Today's Market

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How Job Seekers Can Stand Out in Today’s Market

How Job Seekers Can Stand Out In Today's Market

It is hard to believe that in early March we were experiencing one of tightest job markets in recent memory. In today’s market, however, the supply of good candidates is starting to outpace demand.  With this in mind, here are four key actions to help job seekers stand out as attractive candidates:

Focus on Yourself: What are your unique skills and accomplishments? Too often, we see resumes full of buzz words that job seekers think people want to read (i.e. hardworking, loyal, creative), but these attributes could apply to anyone. What is it about your performance that uniquely sets you apart from the rest?

Be Specific: As you delve into attributes to describe yourself, demonstrate what you mean with specific examples. Nothing proves your point better than a specific moment which vividly demonstrates your capabilities.

Show Progressive Levels of Responsibility: A resume showing that you’ve risen through the ranks quickly is powerful. Highlight how each prior role has enabled you to advance to the next.

The Job Description Your Friend: If your search yields one job opportunity that’s head and shoulders above the rest, take some time to ensure your resume addresses the key bullet points on that job description. Painting the hiring official a picture of how you will perform their specific job can be a huge advantage.

Although the job market is tight, job seekers who take extra steps to stand out should be able to secure desirable positions.