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How Job Seekers Can Stand Out In Today's Market

How Job Seekers Can Stand Out in Today’s Market

By David Poline

It is hard to believe that in early March we were experiencing one of tightest job markets in recent memory. In today’s market, however, the supply of good candidates is starting to outpace demand.  With this in mind, here are four key actions to help job seekers stand out as attractive candidates: Focus on Yourself: What are your unique skills and accomplishments? Too often, we see resumes full of buzz words that job seekers think people…

How To Execute a Job Search While Sheltering in Place

How to Execute a Job Search While Sheltering in Place

By David Poline

How to execute a job search from home is a tough question to answer since the number of companies hiring right now is reduced, particularly within the shopping center industry. Our advice for job searching while sheltering in place is to build your network as much as you possibly can. Start by thinking about: Firms you've done business with in the past Existing friends in the industry Companies you've admired from afar Anyone you've formed…

Recruiters Offer Confidentiality to Their Job Candidates

Importance of Recruiter-Candidate Confidentiality

By David Poline

What steps does Poline Associates take to ensure confidentiality? Both Poline’s clients and candidates require confidential communications at times, but this post focuses on confidentiality concerns from the candidate's perspective. One of the most important services a search firm provides a job seeker is the ability to learn about other opportunities that exist in the market while remaining secure in the knowledge their current employment will not be jeopardized. The recruiter-candidate relationship is analogous to…

Managing Expectations Is Key As We Work From Home

Managing Expectations as We Work from Home

By David Poline

So much of Poline & Associates’ business (and life in general) revolves around managing expectations. In fact, part of the value proposition in hiring a search firm is that the firm facilitates communication between a company and the candidates under consideration. When a hiring representative goes dark on you, it's easy to assume the worst. Your mind races to think of all the reasons you haven't heard back. More often than not, the delay has…

How to Set Boundaries With Clients Is Important

Always Available to Your Clients? How to Set Boundaries

By David Poline

How to set boundaries. This is an issue I've grappled with throughout my professional career. And it's only been heightened by working from home these past several weeks. Always Available? In my current role as a commercial real estate recruiter and during my time as an attorney, my single-minded approach has been to provide the best possible customer service that I could. If that meant bending my schedule to what worked for my client, so…

Update Your Deal Sheet If Recently Furloughed or Laid Off Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Tips on Creating a Stand-Out Deal Sheet

By David Poline

If you are unfortunately facing a furlough or layoff and are on the leasing or sales side of the commercial real estate business, consider the following FAQs to help you update your Deal Sheet: Q: Is a Deal Sheet necessary? A: YES! A Deal Sheet quantifies the kind of deal-maker you are and the transaction volume you have handled as well as provides color beyond your resume. Q: How long should a Deal Sheet be? A: Unlike a resume,…

Update Your Resume for Job Search if Recently Furloughed or Laid Off Due to Pandemic

Job Searching? Update Your Resume

By David Poline

If you have been furloughed or laid off, what is the first thing you should do to position yourself for your next role? Our advice is to update your resume. Our team reviews hundreds of resumes a week. Here are a few tips to help yours stand out: 1. Put yourself in the hiring official's shoes. As you update your resume, pretend you are the person on the other end of this process who is…

Identify Your Strengths

By David Poline

Before embarking on the job search journey, invest time to identify your strengths and understand how they can guide your desired career path. The Harrison Assessment requires only 20 minutes and $15, a small investment for your future.  Once the assessment is complete, you will receive a Greatest Strengths report within 24 hours. This valuable report reveals your unique traits, behaviors and motivators which allows you and Poline Associates to pinpoint the best job opportunities…

Amidst a tight job market, companies struggle to easily identify good candidates and strategically build successful teams.

Where Are All the Good Candidates? How to Build a Team in a Tight Market

By David Poline

Editor’s Note: It is difficult to believe that this blog on the tight job market was posted March 18, 2020. Please read this blog as a historical marker, demonstrating just how quickly the U.S. job market has unraveled due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Amidst one of the tightest job markets in decades, companies struggle to easily identify good candidates and strategically build successful teams. Do not be discouraged. Quality talent is in the market, hiding…

Founder and CEO Rachel Wein of WeinPlus, offers commercial real estate strategy

CONNECTIONS: Q&A with Rachel Elias Wein, Founder & CEO, WeinPlus

By David Poline

Beginnings Where did you start your real estate career? I was recruited out of grad school to work at EY in their Advisory and Transaction Real Estate practices. It was a fantastic training ground with a global team. Name one person that has been influential in your career. It’s impossible to name just one. I’ve been fortunate to have several influential mentors and sponsors throughout my career. They’ve challenged and inspired me to reach for professional opportunities…

Employee Engagement = Retention + Leadership

Employee Engagement = Retention + Leadership

By David Poline

Our last blog focused on employee recognition and how it can improve retention, which we know from last year’s Millennial blog series is a major focus of many commercial real estate firms. Also tied closely to employee recognition is employee engagement. Data shows employers who provide recognition and engagement experience success in retention and leadership development. With that in mind, we continue our discussion with a focus on mentoring, employee engagement software and customized industry…

Employee Recognition is important to build company culture.

Employee Recognition: It’s Important

By David Poline

Simply put, employee recognition improves company culture, thus improving recruitment and retention. And who doesn’t want that? Especially in a climate where “38% of millennials polled would like to see their company recognition program improved.” Commercial Real Estate firms, among others, are taking note and upping their game. Some are implementing programs, like a Spot Award Program, and utilizing performance software, like Reflektive. Five Modern Employee Recognition Tips One employee recognition software provider, appropriately named…

Millennials are known as job hoppers. Is it a negative?

Millennial Series: Experienced Job Hoppers?

By David Poline

This is the final blog in our 5-part Millennial Series focused on recruiting, retaining and promoting Millennial professionals. We’ve learned so far that Millennials seek purpose + innovation from a team-oriented employer who provides shared learning and professional development opportunities. In addition, they also gravitate to employers who promote a work-life balance by offering flexibility. One common assumption plaguing Millennials is that they are job hoppers, moving positions more than any other generation. This tendency…

Gender Diversity in the CRE industry can impact a firm's bottom line

Gender Gains: Why CRE Needs to Prioritize Diversity

By David Poline

Greater Gender Diversity = Greater Profits Hot off the presses, Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) just released a white paper exploring women’s role and impact in the traditionally male-dominated field of commercial real estate. “Accelerating the Advancement of Women in Commercial Real Estate” is the latest in a growing body of work that discusses the need for – and benefit of – diversity in commercial real estate. Bottom-line benefits to inclusionary hiring and promotion practices…

Family-centric Millennials seek work-life balance, flexibility

Millennial Series: Work-Life Balance + Flexibility

By David Poline

Thus far, the blogs in our 5-part Millennial Series focused on best practices related to recruiting, retaining and promoting Millennials. We now know that Millennials are motivated by purposeful work + innovative environment and best perform for a team-oriented employer who invests in shared learning. They’re also big on professional development + leadership skills. Research shows that Millennials are family-centric, seek a work-life balance and assign a high value to flexibility. And believe it or…

Millennials in Professional Development

Millennials Series: Professional Development + Leadership

By David Poline

Millennials are the largest living generation and the fastest growing workforce segment, so you need to know how to attract and retain them. In this series, we’ve discussed how this generation seeks purpose + desires innovation in the workplace and is described as being team-oriented + driven by shared learning. Next up, we focus on how Millennials seek professional development to maximize leadership skills and growth potential. Engagement: Making Leaders Out of Millennials Want to…

Millennials are team-oriented and driven by shared learning, or mentoring.

Millennials Series: Team Work + Shared Learning

By David Poline

In the first blog of this Millennial series, we attempted to define the Millennials and investigated how this largest living generation and fastest growing workforce segment seek purpose and desire innovation. Next up is focusing on how Millennials are team-oriented and driven by shared learning. Team Work: One for All, All for One If you want to retain Millennials, the research suggests you offer team-based assignments. Millennials are “a true ‘no-person-left-behind’ generation”. This mentality goes…

The Amazon-4 Star Store Curates Products Based on Reviews

Social Proof Drives Retail: The Amazon 4-Star Store

By David Poline

Technology impacts retail in ways we could have never imagined. As this trend continues to grow, shift and develop, new concepts emerge and move through testing, weeding out amazing ideas from those that merely look good on paper. Scot Wingo, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of ChannelAdvisor and CEO of Get Spiffy, Inc., and Jason “Retail Geek” Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer of Publicis, recently considered the power of social influence in their presentation at ICSC’s…

Millennials Seek Purpose and Desire Innovation in Their Careers

Millennials Series: It’s Not All About the Benjamins

By David Poline

Millennials, those 83 million Americans born between 1982 – 2002 and ranging roughly from 17-37 years old, have been called many things, some characterizations not so flattering. But in a world where businesses compete for talent at every level, Millennials cannot be ignored. This blog is the first in a series of five posts, each focused on getting inside the mind of a prospective millennial hire or current colleague, so you can effectively recruit, retain…

Poline Associates Celebrates 40 years in the CRE Recruiting Business

Connections: Q&A Rich Poline, Poline Associates, Celebrating 40 Years!

By David Poline

Beginnings How did Poline Associates get started? My brother, Bob, actually started Poline Associates in San Diego in 1979. I joined in 1984 and shifted all back-office responsibilities to Atlanta.  My son, David, joined the team in 2011 and the rest is history. Industry Are you surprised that your company is celebrating 40 years in the shopping center industry? It really is hard to believe that we are celebrating 40 years.  Honestly, I try not…

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