turn down an offer or resign gracefully

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Resigning Gracefully

turn down an offer or resign gracefully
Congratulations—you landed a new job!

In the midst of this wonderful news, you are now faced with a delicate challenge. You must resign from your current position without burning bridges and say good-bye to valued friends and colleagues. Not an easy task.

Resign with conviction

We will help you draft an effective resignation letter that positions you to resign gracefully. With your letter crafted, schedule an appointment with your supervisor to respectfully and concisely explain your decision. Convey that your decision is firm and final while expressing appreciation for the opportunities afforded during your tenure. Expect the question “What would it take to keep you here?” or a counteroffer. Be prepared with a firm response.

Be a partner in planning your departure

Your resignation meeting should focus on one thing—your resignation. Schedule a separate meeting to discuss how your supervisor wants you to manage your final weeks and the transition of your current responsibilities and projects.

Being asked to leave early

Your current employer may ask you to leave early or even immediately. Don’t be offended. Instead, take advantage of the time off and mentally prepare for your new venture. During your resignation meeting, indicate the number of weeks’ notice you are providing, but offer to leave earlier if preferred. This relieves pressure on all parties and encourages the best possible transition.