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Jeff & Tammy Pape

Connections:  Q&A with Jeff Pape, Managing Director – Shopping Center and Diversified Divisions, GBT Realty

By David Poline

Connections is a Q&A series with some of the shopping center industry's most notable professionals.  Jeff Pape, Managing Director of the Shopping Center and Diversified Divisions at GBT Realty is our inaugural participant.  We hope you enjoy getting to know our industry associates.    Beginnings Where did you start your real estate career?  In Rochester, NY.  After working for an engineering firm right out of college for five years followed by two years as a Project Manager at the…

Top Ten Ways to Hone Your Communications Skills

Top 10 Ways to Hone Your Communication Skills

By David Poline

Communication skills are some of the most important skills you can have in today’s job market. Sure, you need the technical skills required to perform a job efficiently, but the ability to convey your message clearly, whether verbally or in writing, are “soft skills” that all companies require and look for in a candidate. Sure Signs of Bad Communication Skills We’ve all known someone, personally or professionally, who for whatever reason, just couldn’t seem to…

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