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Retail + Technology = Convenience, Personalization, Innovation

By David Poline

You’ve heard about Seattle’s Amazon Go store —this easy-in, easy-out concept creates seamless customer experiences through the ultimate combination of physical store + technology. And it’s a prime example of technology impacting retail. Inspired by XRC Labs Founder and Managing Director Pano Anthos’ presentation at the 2018 ICSC OAC Summit earlier this year, I’ve been fascinated by the integration and ever-evolving intersection of retail and technology. In ways that are obvious and some that are…

Maximize Your ICSC RECon Experience

By David Poline

 #ICSCRECon We originally published this post last year and received such positive feedback that we decided to post it again.  I hope this post serves you well and to see you happy and healthy in Vegas! While most people in retail real estate have been to the national ICSC Real Estate Conference (commonly known as “RECon”) in Las Vegas, not everyone is a “pro” attendee.  It’s easy to forget key points from year-to-year, so whether you’re a…

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