Why choose an exucutive recruiter

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Why Use an Executive Recruiter?

Why choose an exucutive recruiter

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the significance of having the right people cannot be understated. Employees and leaders are pivotal in shaping an organization’s direction, fostering a culture of excellence, and driving growth. However, identifying and attracting top-tier workers requires a strategic approach beyond traditional recruitment methods. This is where the expertise of an executive recruiter comes into play. 

By leveraging their specialized knowledge and extensive networks, executive recruiters can pinpoint and engage individuals who align with the organization’s goals and culture. They serve as trusted advisors, guiding companies through the hiring process to ensure they secure the visionary leaders needed to navigate challenges and seize opportunities for success in a competitive marketplace.

Access to Candidates: As professionals entrenched in the shopping center industry, we have connections and access to both on and off-market candidates. Our credibility garners trusted information and strong relationships with professionals at all position levels as well as industry-leading companies.

Speed and Efficiency: Every day that a position remains unfilled, current employees at your company are stretched beyond their capacity. As a result, productivity and efficiency are reduced while profit opportunities and competitive advantages are lost. Our streamlined process allows us to quickly identify qualified candidates and initiate the review and selection process.

Tailored Service: Each search is a combination of technology and personal touches. One of the most valuable services we provide is to act as a sounding board to discuss resumes, provide interview feedback and address compensation issues and questions. Throughout the process we are completely focused on your talent needs.

Confidentiality: At times, a confidential search is required and discretion is critical. We understand that advertising an open position can cause anxiety among a company’s current employees. Some may wonder why they aren’t being considered for the position or worry about transition challenges. Advertising can also alert competitors to a current weakness or void in an organization. Poline Partners’ active yet discreet search can mitigate these concerns.

Time and Cost Savings: The cost of using an executive recruiter can be comparable to running an in-house search. In addition to advertising, a company’s search costs also include the salaries and benefits of the in-house hiring staff plus opportunity costs which result from having your management team review resumes instead of performing their normal job activities. We are in a relationship with you for the long haul so our goal is to find you a truly exceptional candidate, one who benefits your company for years to come.

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